Lonely Organized Arts Festival

LOAF 2020: the loneliest edition since its existence.
This year’s festival is dedicated for finding new ways of connecting with each other through further investigation of different tools for creating and presenting work.

There are lessons from the past that can be successfully applied today, but many are worth to be reconsidered and changed.
Loaf is taking over the internet to keep the contact between artists, movers and watchers alive. 

The feeling of longing is real and we can’t wait to share physical spaces again.
The festival includes: performances, videos, workshops, dj set and exhibitions.

Online streaming festival. From us to you!


Sharon Mercado Nogales
Asya Ashman
Liv Haumann
Suet Wa Tam
Cary Shiu
Johanna Ryynänen
Adèle Aussi-Guyon
Aleksandra Petrushevska
Miguel Witzke Pereira
Zuki Ringart
Emeka Ene
Nuria Carrilo Erra
Maud Buckenmeyer
Mahshad Rezai
Auro Orso
Marta Ruszkowska

Sonntag,13 Dezember 2020, 17:00h
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2020 Programm:

17:00 / Strings Attached
Performance/ 30' mit Johanna Ryynänen

17:40 / Re-Encounter
Performance/ 20' mit Suet Wa Tam und Cary Shiu

18:05 / Video Pieces
Video Streamings/ 20' mit Nuria Carrilo Erra, Maud Buckenmeyer und Adèle Aissi-Guyon

18:30 / Skin in the game
Performance/ 30' mit Emeka Ene

19:10 / Waves
Performance/ 20' mit Aleksandra Petrushevska und Miguel Witzke Pereira

19:40 / Video Pieces
Video Streamings/ 20' mit Asya Ashman, Marta Ruszkowska, Auro Orso und Mahshad Rezai

20:05 / White Christmas
Performance/ 20' mit Adèle Aissi-Guyon

20:25 / Archangel's Dream
Dj Set / 30' mit Miguel Witzke Pereira