Improvisation in Dance and Music

Simon Rose with Ingo Reulecke

The ability to improvise, to be creative with one another, is an essential part of performance practice for the contemporary, creative musician and dancer, without which we are lost. Improvisation’s implementation can vary enormously, from a delineated tool towards choreographic/compositional ends, to being an end in itself for performance. However, improvisation, broadly construed, remains under acknowledged and, surprisingly, little understood beyond style.

This essay sets out to describe processes of improvisation by means of an exchange between dancer Ingo Reulecke and musician Simon Rose. Since 2015 the pair have performed through shared improvisation in dance and music (IDM) in numerous contexts: as a duo, in small groups, in large ensembles. Together they have also co-taught, facilitated workshops and presented themes of this work at conferences. Here, Reulecke and Rose discuss the nature of shared improvisation in dance and music. Themes that arise are: the background of IDM and the respective scenes, the nature of collaboration, diversity in creativity, the ways of understanding improvisation as professional practice, open improvisation, an approach to research, bodies, listening and awareness, and strategies in IDM. The essay continues by broadening the discussion of IDM as an inter-disciplinary activity that can become better understood as a more holistic, trans-disciplinary process of in-depth, embodied learning.

The essay is intended for practitioners, students of dance and music, researchers, teachers, and for those interested in interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary processes.

Improvisation in Dance and Music. An Essay by Simon Rose with Ingo Reulecke (in Englisch)
Erscheint in: Forthcoming in 'Ways of Improvisation: Transdisciplinarity in music, dance and art' S. Rose, Routledge, US.

Dr. Simon Rose ist freiberuflicher Saxophonist, Forscher, Autor und Lehrer aus London und lebt in Berlin. Er spielt Saxophon in zahlreichen Kollaborationen, als Solist und arbeitet in unterschiedlichen Kontexten zusammen mit Tänzern, bildenden Künstlern, Mixed Media Settings, selbstgebauten Instrumenten und site-specific Performances. Sein Forschungsinteresse gilt kreativen Prozessen.

Prof. Ingo Reulecke ist Tänzer, Choreograph und Kurator. Seine Choreographien wurden mehrfach ausgezeichnet und zu zahlreichen Festivals im In- und Ausland geladen. Seit 2006 lehrt er am HZT Berlin, bis 2013 als Leiter der Tanz Abteilung an der Hochschule für Schauspielkunst Ernst Busch und dem Studiengang maChoreograhie am HZT Berlin; seit 2013 ist er Professor am HZT. Mit Simon Rose arbeitet er seit 2005 in wechselnden Kontexten zusammen. Prof. Ingo Reulecke

Improvisation in Dance and Music