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The lecture catalogue for download ...

The current course catalogue of the HZT Berlin can be downloaded here. You can read the course offers of the three study programs BA Dance, Context, Choreography, MA Choreography (maC) and MA Solo/Dance/Authorship (SODA). In addition to the two terms of the current year, you have the possibility to also read the programmes of older terms in the archive.

Lecture times in the summer and winter terms ....

Please note: The BA Dance, Context, Choreography course starts one week earlier than indicated here.

Winter semester 2021/2022
Beginning: 18th of October 2021
End: 19th February 2022
Academic holidays: 20th of December 2021 till 1st of January 2022

Summer semester 2022
Beginning: 19th of April 2022
End: 23d of July 2022
Lecture-free time: public holidays

Download KVV: 20211 All HZT

Bitte beachten Sie:
Aufgrund der aktuellen Einschränkungen in Zusammenhang mit COVID-19, kann der Inhalt dieses Vorlesungsverzeichnisses über die Laufzeit des Semesters auch kurzfristig aktualisiert und verändert werden.

Download KVV: All HZT Winter Term 2020/21

Please note: 

This KVV is designed in accordance with the restrictions connected with COVID-19. Short term changes are possible and will be communicated via E-Mail. Updates to classes and seminars in the beginning of October-November 2020 will be published as soon as possible.