Laboratory on Feedback in Artistic Processes 3


In its third edition the "Laboratory on Feedback in Artistic Processes" reflects on "Responses" within performing arts. The results of the previous Labs highlighted the need to take a closer look at the complexity and often subtle implications of feedback within the the artistic process itself. How do artist organise feedback and how do they process it? Who they want feedback from and what are its different roles? How can describe these relationships, and how does it shpae the artistic work? 

This booklet presents the different views on and experiences of feedback practices that were elaborated during the lab along the beforementioned questions and the insightfull contributions of its participants. Underpinning the following pages, three thematic fields have emerged: the impacts of feedback, feedback as a tool, and practicalities and contexts of feedback.

Authors: Diego Agulló, Jenny Beyer, Kirsten Maar,Yaron Maïm, Zwoisy Mears-Clarke, Nik Haffner, Sophia New, Mila Pavićević, Susanne Vincenz, Georg Weinand, Günther Wilhelm

Concept, editors: Eva-Maria Hoerster, Inge Koks, Simone Willeit Photos, layout: Diego Agulló
Image Cover: Jorge Ruiz Abánades
Text Network Visualization: Infranodus

Copy-editing, Proofreading: Daniel Belasco-Rogers

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