Breathe – Critical Research into the Inequalities of Life

Sandra Noeth / Janez Janša (eds.)

Breathing is an unavoidable, vital act, yet it cannot be taken for granted, as the experiences of the pandemic, profound changes in our environment, but also structural, racist discrimination make clear. In the physical act of breathing, we are symbolically, materially and radically thrown back to our own bodies and connected to the bodies of others.

In conversation with artists and theorists from different fields, the contributers to this volume explore different acts of suffocation and release. They show how the protection of bodies is unequally and ambivalently distributed and how it can be an act of resistance. It is an insistence on life, a demand for existential, political, symbolic and ethical recognition.

Print: 27. April 2023, ca. 152 Seiten
ISBN: 978-3-8376-6650-2

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From the publication series Corporeal Matters an on arts-based research, in particular practices and concepts that place the body at the core. It illuminates how the body appears simultaneously as witness, document, and agent in contemporary life, and offers insights into corporeality as the often neglected dimension that cuts through ethics, aesthetics, and politics. The series hosts edited volumes, authored publications, workbooks and other formats from multiple perspectives and fields of practice, grounded in moments of research, encounter and debate, generated in the context of the HZT-Inter-University Centre for Dance Berlin.

Volume 2: The Gaze of the X-Ray

The series is edited by Prof. Dr. Sandra Noeth, Sandra Umathum, Prof. Janez Janša.