SODA 301 Artistic Research Presentations

Over the course of three evenings, MA SODA invites the public to attend individual research project presentations of the second-year students. Presentations will take place in Studios 8 and 9 as well as the Kitchen at Uferstudios (see individual listings for specifics).

301 presentations
4-6 June 2024
For quick reference, the presentation order:

4. June
18h00-19h00 – Colleen Ndemeh Fitzgerald
19h15-20h15 – Burcu Bilgiç
20h30-21h30 – Colleen Ndemeh Fitzgerald

5. June
17h00-17h40 – Juana del Mar*
18h00-19h00 – Hana Umeda
19h15-20h15 – Juana del Mar*

6. June
18h00-19h00 – Isu Kim
19h15-20h15 - Dalia Velandia
20h30-21h30 – Isu Kim


Performance Uferstudios
SODA 301 Artistic Research Presentations

Burcu Bilgiç

Belly Talks with Ümral

Belly Talks with Ümral© Burcu Bilgiç

Belly Talks is a work-in-progress conversation between my grandmother Ümral and I.