Media Choreography

Choreographing with digital media

How can media complement and expand choreographic language? How can new formats be generated, making work accessible to new audiences?

The maC course offers the possibility to explore uses of digital media in relation to choreographic practice. On the one hand choreographing with the camera and within the video editing process as well as exploring live projection in the performance space.


This page hosts current lines of enquiry and maC-affiliated works in this field.

Improvisation and the body-eye

Noche by Roberto Duarte

Roberto Duarte on Noche: "In the darkness, the body-eye transforms vision into movement, a flash of fleeting tangibility. The body in motion, observed through a two-sided mirror with variable node, seeing, being seen, the mechanism becomes a duet.

Noche is a series of video pieces depicting a fusion of intertwined disciplines: Video Art, Sound Art, Site-Specific Action, Performance, Dance. They are connected to each other in a space-time, a fragmented continuum, determined by chance and ephemeral-mobile elements.

Noche proposes a participatory space, a container for the dialectical encounter of languages that simultaneously creates its own language. From its conception, Noche seeks the return of the poetic in art, highlighting the body as an element of perception and as a generator of meaning in relation to the environment."

Series by artist and maC guest lecturer Roberto Duarte in collaboration with dance artists; maC students Veronika Heisig, Valentina Menz and Hannah Schillinger participated in 2022.