maC Final Works

In the last semester of their two-year master's program, the students of the MA Choreography work on their final projects and present them to the public. The premiere is preceded by several months of research and rehearsal, during which they intensively explore their individual questions and themes and find their own approach and artistic signature for them.

maC Final Works 2023

Stefanie Alf with "NO MORE SOLO - de:fragmented"
16.06. and 17.06.2023, 8.30 PM
Uferstudios, Studio 14

Kysy Fischer with "Super Superficial"
30.06. and 01.07.2023, 8.30 PM
Uferstudios, Studio 1

Ariane Adamski with "RIVER"
14.07. and 15.07.2023, 8.30 PM
Uferstudios, Kesselhaus

Media Documentation


2023 complete maC students Valentina Menz with "MAGMA", Stefanie Alf with "NO MORE SOLO - de:fragmented", Kysy Fischer with "Super Superficial" and Ari Adamski with "RIVER - Ein performarives Hörspiel" their studies. 


Six maC students completed their studies with their master projects summer 2022. Evangelia Papadopoulos questions her own shadows and the Sisyphean work of being human in the body and soundscape "we could be heroes", while Hannah Schillinger illuminates our working culture and our energy levels in "runners". Lilly Pöhlmann deals with states of exhaustion in "KREISEN" while Melika Akbari-Asl focuses in "d!s - rupted." on the connection between sleep and waking life. In "sp(!) n - accident contrôlé" Jonathan Kolski spins around fame and failure of pleasure cultures and carousel construction. Javier Blanco researches in his work "Ithak@s. Auf der Suche nach einer Utopie." on a digital version of a utopic place. In Winter 2022 the two maC students Dominique Tegho with the work "Crash Landing on Olympus Mons" and Veronika Heisig with the work "Auf Holzwegen" finalized their studies. 

Due to the Corona-Pandemic lockdown, the digital semesters in 2021 have also stirred up plans for the maChoreography final projects. The students adapted and still finished their final projects under these circumstances.WEAVING In by Svea Schneider-Sierra, is a sensorial-performative walk in the forest and Diamond - The Crossing Point of Money and Spirituality, a dance video by Akemi Nagao. MATRIA - Motherland by Rocio Marano and Gentle Brutality by Dan Su are projects done in 2021.


Due to the Corona-Pandemic lockdown, the digital semesters in 2020 have also stirred up plans for the maChoreography final projects. The students adapted and still finished their final projects under these circumstances.

The project "Unsere INSEL" by David Lima was initially planned as a joint dance project with residents* of the Mierendorff-Island in Berlin-Charlottenburg. In the course of the corona restrictions in spring 2020 the project was moved to the net - and the image of the island got a completely different meaning. Jadi Carboni's final master project film "Dancing my Hero - Rebel of Peace" contained six solos about the transformational renewal of the body. maC Alumni Jenni Ramsperger presented "Blind Clouds", a work about the dynamics of movement, choreographing lines, surfaces and states of inner landscapes in the two-dimensional and within painting. And EXPLOSION by ALica Minar which deals in humorous way with anger. 

Seven students showed their final works in 2019 at Uferstudios and on the stages of the Hochschule für Schauspielkunst Ernst Busch. The international students from Iran, Finland, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Germany and the USA each brought their own artistic signature and approach: Come rain, come shine by Kaisa Nieminen unfolds an emotional landscape inspired by feminist poetry, rap and the witch Louhi from Finnish mythology. In his dance piece Tekiyeh, Ashkan Afsharian confronts movement material from a religious ritual, the Iranian Ashura ceremony, with Western European bodies.  In her choreography PerForma, Dina Sennhauser explores the different consequences that the interaction of individuals in a performative framework can have.  Oscillate by Maria Rutanen is a choreographic investigation of the movements of contraction and expansion in the individual, in the masses and in the environment, between abundance and emptiness.  Remember Why by Jasminka Stenz is a dance performance between xenophilia and xenophobia that invites viewers to step into an uncertain space.  In fluid horizons, Niels Weijer choreographic atmospheric interactions of colored bodies in imaginary sound worlds. Finally, Katrina E. Bastian with LeibBeiMir/BodyByMe shows a piece about the fake and news, fake bodies, fake feelings and creates situations that reveal the authenticity of the performance.