maC Cooperations

maC is cooperating with other dance institutions as well as with international festivals. In this way the students can learn to work with dancers in their curriculum apart from the big stage projects as well as connect with students from other art fields. In addition they have the opportunity to show their small and bigger works to an open public.


maC is cooperating regularly and consistent with:

- Potsdamer Tanztagen, International Festival for contemporary Dance

- klangzeitort, Institute for New Music by UdK and HfM Hanns Eisler Berlin

- Biennale LANDschafftKUNST in Neuwerder


and dance institudtions such as:

- Tanzakademie balance1

- Die Etage - Schule der darstellenden Künste

- Dance Intensive Programm of the Tanzfabrik Berlin

Potsdam Tanztage Dance Festival 2022

Dance in Public Spaces

Focus of the choreographic works of the five HZT students under the title "Dance in Public Spaces" of the Potsdam Tanztage Dance Festival 2022 is the interaction with passers-by, spectators and residents - their movemnts in urban spaces and their bodily presence. Which rooms can be created for participation, what are imponderables and breaks, that are happing when bodies meet in urban spaces? The choreographers research with different mediums the status of the individual and the techincal interwoven users which we became.


All showings in Potsdam | free of admission

Mariana Romagnani
Pavillon Freundschaftsinsel
Wed 11. May 2022 | 5.30 pm + 9.30 pm

Within Seconds
Salome Kehlenbach

meeting point: fabrik Potsdam
Th 12. May 2022 | 6 pm
Mo 16. May 2022 | 7 pm

Kysy Fischer

Pavillon Freundschaftsinsel
Fr 13. May 2022 | 5 pm
Sa 14. May 2022 | 3 pm

posthuman fragments
Stefanie Alf

parking lot Schiffbauergasse
So 15. May 2022 | 8.30 pm
Tue 17. May 2022 | 11 pm 

Leonie Naomi Baur

Fr 20. May 2022 | 6 pm
Sa 21. May 2022 | 6 pm



Collaboration between componists and choreographers

For the second time, the Inter-University Center for Dance (HZT) Berlin, supported by the Berlin University of the Arts and the Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts, and klangzeitort, the joint Institute for New Music of the Berlin University of the Arts and the Hanns Eisler School of Music Berlin, are cooperating and offering a stage for interdisciplinary and collaborative works between contemporary choreography and new music.


C L I N G - sonic knotting
Ariane Burghard with Eli Simic-Prosic

Jonathan Kolski with Connor Shafran

How to pronounce?
Valentina Menz Nash with Mert Morali

Akiles with Saemi Jeong 

Dominique Tegho with Tianyang Zhang

Veronika Heisig with Ádám Bajnok