Jason Corff

Artistic Employee | MA Solo, Dance, Authorship

Prior to his relocation to Berlin, Jason Corff lived for more than fifteen years in New York City. During that time, in addition to dance and choreography, he worked in the field of interior design.  This split career path allowed him to develop his aesthetic focus and build a multi-faceted understanding of ways in which space can be interpreted from artistic, utilitarian, and theoretical standpoints. In New York, Corff had been a dancer with a+s works as well as a frequent collaborator with videographer Effy Grey and multimedia design house Paradox Vested Relics. He received his MA in Solo Dance Authorship at the HZT Berlin, and has appeared in Berlin at Uferstudios, Universtiätsbibliothek der TU/UdK, and Sophiensaele.  In early 2021, Corff was an invited artist for Dance in Residence (DiR) Brandenburg, performing his piece The Approach and the Square at the Brandenburgisches Landesmuseum für moderne Kunst (BLMK) Cottbus.  His continuing research focuses on the pairing of cartographic principles with choreography to recontextualize the body in space.