nah dran extended: beginnings

2. - 5. Juli 2020

From July 2 to 5, 2020 there will be a special premiere at the ada Studio: for the first time, all artists in an edition of “NAH DRAN extended” will be students of the BA programme “Dance, Context, Choreography” at HZT. The theme of this cooperation project between ada Studio and HZT is "beginnings", and it is dedicated to various aspects of beginnings. A total of twelve students not only deal with various types of beginnings, but also experiment with very different presentation formats in the current situation of physical distancing. T

Worlks by and with Derin Cankaya & Daria Belous, Therese Bendjus & Aleksandra Petrushevska, Maria Ladopoulos & Liisi Hint, Thiago Rosa & Gareth Okan und Johanna Ryynänen/Asya Ashman/Miguel Witzke Pereira/Zuki Ringart.

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 "NAH DRAN" is a performance series for young Berlin choreographers* at the ada studio. It offers the opportunity to present new pieces - finished or in progress. The format brings together three pieces by different young artists* on one performance evening. "NAH DRAN" ("close to") means that there is literally no gap between performers and audience, which creates an intimate setting for sharing the work.

A cooperation of ada Studio and HZT Berlin.