Radical Real Time. Dance, Music, Language as Moment-Composition.

Ingo Reulecke and Heike Gäßler

Over a period of one year, artists from the art forms of dance, music, video and language art came together to create joint ad hoc works and to explore them in subsequent conversations and interviews. The goal was to find approaches to the phenomenon of the real-time composition with its forms and qualities. Through the concentrated sessions with dancer Ingo Reulecke and the various musicians as well as language artist Heike Gäßler, performances of a special intensity were generated.

Performance-led research

The concept of 'performance-led research' served as an investigative approach, combined with a methodical procedure by means of guided interviews with the performers. The variety of answers provided a wide range of views and positions of the artists in regard to various aspects of improvisation and real-time composition. How is something created from the moment, what significance does the moment have, how does the mutual giving and taking of impulses between the performers take place?

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Video documentation of the experiments and improvisations

The documentation of the experiments and improvisations was not only made in writing by means of a real-time documentation process, but also on the cinematic level by filmmaker Carlos Bustamante. In addition, the conversations and in-depth reflections of the authors disclose a cultural and cultural-historical cosmos which provides a comprehensive insight into the topic of improvisation in several art forms. Various reflections by Ingo Reulecke and Heike Gäßler on the art of movement, body feeling and the dance in language complete the overall picture.

In an appendix, the interviews conducted in English can be found in their original versions, supplemented by translations of the key points of the main text.


"Radical Real Time. Dance, Music, Language as Moment-Composition."
Publishers: Inter-University Centre for Dance Berlin (HZT) 2021
Authors: Ingo Reulecke, Heike Gäßler
Translation and abstracts: Daniel Aldridge
Copy-editing: Daniel Aldridge
Layout: Diego Agulló
Photo and video footage: Carlos Bustamante
©2021 Reulecke, Gäßler, Berlin