Mise à la Terre – Erdung

Prof. Wanda Golonka

Grounding, a choreographic iconography by Wanda Golonka makes the spatial visible through the body.

Wanda Golonka understands choreography as a moving form of thinking and being. Artistic research is always part of the choreographic process. The research work "Grounding, a choreographic iconography" explores questions with artistic procedures. It is Wanda Golonka's attempt to present, with and through images, the personal background of the understanding of space as an integral part of the choreography.

Visualising and thus documenting are impulses for a widening dispersion of the theme. Other earth; other encounters.

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Editor: HZT Berlin
Author: Prof. Wanda Golonka, research semester 2022
Photos: Salomé Sun for Lignes de Temps et Toucher le Temps and
Wanda Golonka for Montagnes Source Cylindres Ouvertures et Ciel
Layout: Diego Agulló