Laboratory on Feedback in Artistic Processes


In its second edition the "Laboratory on Feedback in Artistic Processes" pays particular focus on “audiences” feedback within performing arts. Feedback is happening everywhere, and everything is feedbackable. But what is the value of public audience feedback? What kind of feedback is needed where? Why do we differentiate between specialist and general public audiences? How can we think beyond helping the artist and making an artwork better? How can it feed the bigger picture by enabling critical, rigorous feedback as a development for all citizens participating in a public event? Can public feedback then begin to shape communities and the wider public sphere?

The second “Laboratory on Feedback in Artistic Processes” contained presentations and try-outs of different feedback methods and approaches. The format “Feedback Lab goes Public” in collaboration with Tanztage Berlin 2015 / Sophiensaele and mapping dance berlin /Tanzbüro Berlin offered the opportunity to test feedback methods directly with the artists and audiences of the festival.

Text and Editing: Sheena McGrandles, Olive Schellander, Eva-Maria Hoerster
Layout: David Eckelmann
Editor: HZT Berlin, 2015

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