Laboratory on Feedback in Artistic Processes

Feed-back is everywhere, and as a means to reflect, gather and share resources and methods on this expanding field the “Laboratory on Feedback in Artistic Processes” was initiated within the frame of “Teachback” – one of the modules of the project “Life Long Burning” 1 in collaboration with HZT Berlin and Uferstudios Berlin.
The lab, held in January 2014, invited a group of people who shared an interest in the topic of feedback. Over the three days the group practiced, articulated and discussed different approaches, aims and experiences of existing methods of feedback. The idea was that a number of feedback-methods should be applied and tried out within the lab, as opposed to merely remaining on a theoretical discursive level.

The document functions as a summarized report on the feedback lab; it collates the remarks from the invited observers, who were Inge Koks and Frederik Le Roy. Through a chronological order the document mainly gives a brief summary on each participant’s contribution with additional considerations and reflections on the proposed method or presentation. This short paper is written firstly as a documentation for those who partook in the lab and secondly, as a reference for those who will participate in a follow up format about feedback.

Text by Sheena McGrandles, Nik Haffner, Inge Koks, Frederik Le Roy
Photos, Layout and Editing Sheena McGrandles
Editor: HZT Berlin, 2014

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