Visit of state sexretary Staatssekretärin Armaghan Naghipour at HZT Campus Uferstudios

On October 21, 2022, the State Secretary for Science, Research and Equality Armaghan Naghipour visited the HZT at Campus Uferstudios. The program included a tour of the HZT dance studios during rehearsal and study time as well as an exchange about the work at the HZT. In a dialogue characterized by great and mutual interest, Prof. Dr. Sandra Noeth presented the HZT research project "Bodies un-protected - International program series on bodies, art and protection" and Prof. Wanda Golonka gave an outlook on the cooperation project "Cultural Capital Europe Salzkammergut 2024". At the end of the meeting, Nik Haffner summarized key points from the evaluation of the HZT, the graduate retention study and the development paper and reported on previous rounds of talks between the HZT and representatives from the dance scene and the Senate.

The meeting was hosted by the Artistic Director of the HZT Nik Haffner, the President of the Berlin University of the Arts Norbert Palz and the Rector of the Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts Anna-Luise Kiss. Ms. Naghipour was accompanied by Carolin Krehl and Jana Schütze from the Berlin Senate Administration.

Photo Documentation