Angela Alves

Artistic Collaborator

Angela Alves is a choreographer and performer whose artistic practice is profoundly informed by the nature of her life as a chronically ill woman.
Based on her interest in the emotional and neurobiological body in relation to its environment and biography, she develops performances and installations that question the societal perception of "healthy" and "sick" and attempt to redefine the notions of norm by empowering perspectives and expressions that emerge from the disability experience.

From the position of invisible disability, she addresses the political dimensions of the unavailable, stressed and vulnerable body and explores its transformative potency in capitalist, ableist, patriarchal and classist societies.

After premiering the solo performance "SOFT OFFER" at Tanztage Berlin in 2019, Alves explored various choreographic concepts of rest, cessation and pleasure both as a crip technique and a cultural practice of resistance. A longer time ago she studied dance at ArtEZ (NL) and dance studies at the Freie Universität Berlin.

Angela Alves has been an artistic collaborator in the "Choreography, Dance and Disability Arts" project since October 2023.