Bewegungstexte - Emergence. Texte, Essays und Photos von Studierenden des HZT Berlin (2012)

Emergence - the logic of emergence is not pre-formed but per-formed.

The body makes sense: it is that in which (or out of which) sense emerges, and this sense is accompanied by movement.  In fact, emergence is always accompanied by movement. It is a movement, a movement from a set point of departure into the unknown. The title of this magazine, Bewegungstexte, demands texts as bodies, bodies that make sense and movement for the contributors and for the readers.

Bewegungstexte - Emergence. Hrg. Hochschulübergreifendes Zentrum Tanz Berlin. Redaktion: Kareth Schaffer. Gestaltung: Désirée Meul., dt./engl.,  39 S., zahlreiche Abbildungen, Broschürendruck, Berlin 2012



Undertraining – On A Contemporary Dance
Boris Charmatz & Isabelle Launay (2011) 

English edition of the interviews with French dancer and choreographer Boris Charmatz.

Boris Carmatz and Isabelle Launay have a singular definition for this publication that is born from interviews they made with each other : “the goal is to talk about almost everything but not about nothing. Everything that constitutes contemporary dance today through our two points of view; a book that questions what is happening in the context that is ours, pushed by a certain urgency to reflect collectively. A sort of document or documentary... They are remarks "under" contemporary dance, rather than discourse that weighs on it...” From the flood of their conversations come extracts and recomposed texts. The itinerary of a dancer and choreographer who meet others and raise questions...
Boris Charmatz is a dancer and choreographer and Director of the Dancing Museum – Rennes and Britanny National Choreographic Centre.
Isabelle Launay is Professor and researcher in the Department of Dance – University of Paris 8. She also teaches at the CNDC in Angers and collaborates with various artists working in the field of contemporary dance.

Undertraining – On A Contemporary Dance. Boris Charmatz & Isabelle Launay (2011). Translated from the French by Anna Preger (original title: Entretenir – A propos d'une danse contemporain, Les presses du réel, 2003). 2011, English edition, 12,5 x 16 cm (softcover), 272 pages, 15 €. ISBN: 978-2-84066-439-0. EAN: 9782840664390