UdK Rundgang - HZT Workshops und Studioshowings am 21.7.2018

©Gabriela Kapfer
>©Gabriela Kapfer


Traditionell beendet die UdK das Sommersemester mit dem UdK Rundgang. Dazu laden auch wir alle Interessierten am Samstag, 21. Juli von 16 bis 19 Uhr auf den Campus Uferstudios zu Workshops, Installationen und Studiopräsentationen ein.



Workshop with "dance for plants"
Teached by: Dance For Plants project
Studio 9,  16-17:30h
In the workshop we will working on tuning into both our individual bodies and into the inevitable inter-connection we have to each other, in order to find ways and strategies for dancing for plants. We will place the plants in the middle of our awareness and we will explore the meaning of dedicating, giving and receiving, dancing for and with. From sharing our personal stories and experiences with plants we will collect spells to make ourselves open to learn from plants and to co-conspire with them in making and understanding the world. We will actively ask the plants to affect our system (body) and thereby our dance through the use of a "midi-sprout" (a device that makes it possible to transform the electric signals inside of a plant's tissue into sound). We will be dancing, voicing, writing, drawing and resting and digesting in the "compost-pile". 
No specific dance (or other) experience is required. Just the curiosity to investigate and unfold your relationship to plants, no matter if you feel you have on or not.

BY & With Kimberly Kaviar 

Studio 11, 16-17:30

The seductive space of what is said and what is heard. The freedom of making the truths of others your own. The sparkling eyes of knowledge that is owned. The nasty moment of sharing the unforeseen. And the silence in a moment of marvel with an open mouth. 

This workshop explores [physical and spoken] narratives of one’s own history and myths that can be made out of them. The rules of revealing a fiction within a reality, of diving into its evil and its cuteness, and of its surrendering dynamic will fill time and space. The beginning will be decided by something else. The middle will be hardly recognized. However the end… The end will be felt




Dynamics of rain season
Studio 11, 18.00 h

This ritual opens the base knowledge of the Bolivian communities “to give in order to receive”. It represents a lot of my own decolonization and the acknowledgment of my own life andancestors “Death as a transition”. As a daughter of the mines, as a llama, as a woman, I acknowledge the desire of my futurepresent and I say THANK YOU for this situation, because there are censorships about dead that are made for the benefit of something else, let's exist, let's coexist as a reason for the next step.
Performer: Sharon Mercado

we are performing (something)
Studio 11, 18:20h
the image would make a quick drawing attempt it to carefully select a(n) unfinished body, fold the researchers of the unfinished edge of the paper to the continue the lines to so(DA) forth a collection of all.

Participants: Minna Partanen, Bernardo Chatillon, Jason Corff, Rhyannon Wagg, Ana Lessing Menjibar, Mariana Nobre Vieira, Nicola van Straaten, and Evgenia Chetvertkova, Kuba Borkowicz.

Intro - the fall (WT)
Studio 11, 18:40 h
You were becoming something mineral, something less fleshy, something that does not affect and is not affected.A lighthouse with a light that shines through me. Tractor beam pulling me into something and from here on we stop.
(Unknown author, edited by us)
A performance by Jelena Alempijević & Nuria Höyng In 



Seminarraum 2, ab 16h
The wormhole is a an ongoing project bringing together a mixture of  videos, made in china plastic toys and a worm who navigates through space and time spreading bits and pieces of a broken performance. It began with an intestine inhabited by pinworms and developed into a practice of parasiting the interstices of performative locations and gatherings where this one worm band invites itself into. People: Mariana Nobre Vieira (performance) Paul Wiersbinski (video) 

Seminarraum 2
To showcase some of their past and present perfomance|videoart, the SODA Class of 2020 has created a video loop with work from their individual archives. Comprised of ten films, this loop runs for roughly one hour. 

Participants: Kuba Borkowicz, Bernardo Chatillon, Jason Corff, Ana Lessing Menjibar, Minna Partanen, Rhyannon Wagg 

Vagueness: In defense of detached parts

Studio 10
“The virtual, strictly defined, has little relationship to that which is false, illusory, or imaginary. The virtual is by no means the opposite of the real. On the contrary, it is a fecund and powerful mode that opens up the future, injects a core of meaning beneath the platitude of immediate physical presence. “ P. LevyWhat about a leg as a body? This project is an installation that uses the virtual, mediatization of the body and vague experience to exhibit the power that the space in between carries.
by: Camila Malenchini