Sculpting Dance in Co-agency is a workshop for exercising a dance with an ecosystemic approach. Valuing the betweenness of things, how things are co-determined by relations, and revealing the co-authorship imbued in everything. A dance to engage with movement, time, space, senses and meanings as raw materials and to explore different modes of control and layers of composition.

General Approach:

Sculpting Dance in Co-agency is a proposal for a context to study, research and practice dance. It is based upon performance and choreography research developed within Grupo Cena 11 in the last 10 years and on personal artistic interests and philosophical quests.

The workshop is a context to think about space as something alive and active. Focused on waking up our dorment sight on the materialities that surround us and the materialities of our own bodies; to awaken the perception of movement co-authorship and to exercise making it apparent; to research a dance which determines, and is determined by, its existence context; and to reveal what's in the underground of our gestures and imaginaries.

The uttermost aim is to engage in a dance with an ecosystemic approach. Recognizing dance not just as a body phenomenon but as something that happens in the betweenness of things, such as weaving. An interlaced agency between bodies, space, senses, materialities, narratives, etc. And by this, to experience dance as a way in which our perceptual habits are put in motion and destabilized of its current ways of organizing thoughts.

It is important to say that there is no intention to teach a way of dancing, based on specific moves, but on offering tools to observe what and how we create and do. I position myself as a mediator of the information which can only make sense if experienced and if it offers contexts for exercising autonomy and appropriation (to make it one’s own). The focus is not on one specific thing we can learn, but on improving the awareness of our learning skills related to movement. For doing it, the fundamental basis of the practice lays on calling attention to the variety of modes of control, to the spread causality imbued in it and the co-authorship implicit in everything we do. While practicing, we will try to assume willingness to listen, more than to show; to reveal, instead of producing and composing through feedback, leaving aside the “having great ideas way” altogether.

The following topics are guidelines of the technical approach and perspective:
- Modes of attention / Mental states
- Body matter / Immateriality of movement
- Think thing / Generous listening
- Fiction and Singularity
- Pregnant nothingness

Dates: 04 + 05 April 2020
Saturday: 13:00 - 17:00
Sunday: 13:00 - 18:00
DOCK 11 - Saal 2, Kastanienallee 79, 10435 Berlin

Fee: early bird (payment until 24th of March) 85 EUR, after 100 EUR.

For further questions and registration:

Mariana Romagnani (1984 / BR) is a dance artist recently based in Berlin. She is interested in a dance that creates friction and goes beyond its institutionalized limits partnering with other art forms. Mariana was an integrant of Grupo Cena 11( ) for sixteen years, working as a performer and director assistant. During this period, she joined all of Cena 11's productions, presentations, and workshops. There were fifteen dance pieces which were presented in the Brazillian territory and abroad. During twelve years, she was, together with Alejandro Ahmed, responsible for the guidance of the Company's workshop - Percepção Física e Composição Generativa. Workshops were taught at Grupo Cena 11 studio, in dance and theater festivals, art institutions, Federal and State Universities in Brazil and internationally. In artistic residency contexts, she was involved in creative processes shared with artists such as Lia Rodrigues (BR), Hooman Sharifi (NO), Luis Garay (AR), Michelle Moura (BR), Eduardo Fukushima (BR), and the dance groups Laboratório Punto D and Makina de Turing (MX). Working solo, she was granted by the “Artistic Diving Program: Dance RESEARCH 2014” of Oficina Cultural Oswald de Andrade São Paulo/ Brazil for “Morphodynamics Studies”. Created the participatory performance “Jenipapo”(2017) at Santa Catarina Art Museum. And produced and curated the workshop event “ENTRE: movimento e transitoriedade”(2012) at Florianópolis / Brazil. She co-created the piece “Estudo Para Certezas de Incompletude”(2013) together with Luis Garay, Alejandro Ahmed, Florencia Vecino and Roberto Freitas. She holds a degree in Philosophy, concluded at the Federal University of Santa Catarina (Brazil) with a writing under the subject of dance, presence and the boundaries of the concept.

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6-days International Workshop / Residency
24-30 April, 2020
Laubegg Castle - Austria

The international program designed for performance makers, directors, choreographers and those who work directly with performers for professional stage. It fits for already professionals as well as those who just entered this field.

24 - 30 April, 2020
Laubegg Castle, Germany

The program is designed for performance makers with experience of performance/show production. You can be director, choreographer, acting coach, movement director, stage combat instructor, dramatist or performer who is keen in learning about the movement in performance.

The main question which will be explained practically, through the series of technique and improvisational exercises, is how to work with actors in order to help them build their movement, body angles and body placement in performance in accordance with their characters.

The workshop will be beneficial for those who work with both dancers and actors. The techniques which you will explore will open you new approaches of working on movement for actors, and working on monologue and dialogue for dancers though technique of psychological gesture, method of physical action and theatre biomechanics.

Students will explore practically:

"Theatre Biomechanics"of Vsevolod Meyerhold, "Psychological Gesture" of M. Chekhov, "Physical Action" of K. Stanislavski, training by the method of improvisation, dramaturgy in movement, scene composition and more.

The training is designed as the multidisciplinary intensive lab with participation and practice together with performers from different techniques and countries. Multidisciplinarity and multiculturality is one of the most important principles of our programs.


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The Director and The Actor
International Multidisciplinary Workshop
Berlin - Germany | 09 - 14 April 2020

The workshop offers a stimulating environment in which students are able to develop their own movement skills as well as to learn how to direct movement in the performance piece. Students may expect to encounter different movement and directing techniques varying from the principles of traditional theatres to modern approaches. Practical sessions are designed to enhance skills as both a movement teacher and movement director.

During the workshop participants will become acquainted with Ostrenko's method of psycho-physical training and rehearsal, formed and inspired by the Russian Theatre Tradition.
Methods of Stanislavsky, Meyerhold and M.Chekhov, Meyerhold's Biomechanics Etudes, Tai-chi for performers, training by method of improvisation, scene composition from exercises to performance: these are some of the elements uniquely transformed and combined in Ostrenko's teaching system.

Participants will practically explore:
how to foster connection and cohesion among performers and guide them in the creative process;
research the connection between physical action and voice, gesture, movement, dance and word;
explore performer's physicality as the key to form, style, atmosphere and
emotional palette;
the ways of building up the scene composition and performance atmosphere of the performance;'
approaches to develop character and images through movement and improvisation;
how to encourage performers' relation with artistic space, freedom in improvisation and spontaneity;
approaches to unfolding the actor’s creative nature and mounting contemporary professional performances.

The program includes intensive practical training, lectures, and discussion forums under the guidance of the theatre director, choreographer and teacher Sergei Ostrenko.

All students enrolling in this intensive One-Week Workshop should be aware that this is an introductory course. The limitations of a one-week course should be apparent, given that many people spend years studying and perfecting the craft.

The workshop working language is English.

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2. Halbjahr 2020

Der KOSTÜMKOLLEKTIV e.V. fördert zweimal im Jahr im Rahmen eines Fundus- Stipendiums Kostümbildner*innen, die eine freie Produktion im Bereich der darstellenden Künste in Berlin realisieren möchten und gibt ihnen die Möglichkeit, ihre Vorhaben durch die Mittel des Fundus des KOSTÜMKOLLEKTIV e.V. zu besonders günstigen Konditionen umzusetzen.

Interessierte können sich mit Projekten aller Sparten bewerben, die im 2. Halbjahr 2020 (1. Juli bis 31. Dezember) durchgeführt werden.

Ausschreibungszeitraum: 1. März bis 15. April 2020
Einsendeschluss: 15. April 2020
Bewerbungsinformationen: Online unter

Wir freuen uns über Euer Interesse!

im Kunstquartier Bethanien
Mariannenplatz 2 | 10997 Berlin | Telefon: 030 - 616 710 57 |

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The Program of this workshop is highly practical and designed to fully immerse students in learning movement, coaching and actor training. The pace of this one-week workshop is very demanding and students should be prepared to live, eat and breathe movement for the entire duration of the course.

The workshop is a full-time program, designed as a lab with practical sessions, lectures and discussion forums. The workshop offers a stimulating environment in which students are able to develop their movement directing skills, practice, and expertise in a short amount of time. Students may expect to encounter different movement and directing techniques varying from the principles of traditional theatres to modern approaches. Practical sessions are designed to enhance skills as both a movement teacher and movement director.

All students enrolling in the intensive One-Week Movement Directing Workshop should be aware that this is an introductory course. The limitations of a one-week course should be apparent, given that many people spend years studying and perfecting the craft.

Dates available for participation:

22 - 29 November, 2019 - Austria

9 - 14 January, 2020 - Germany

24 - 31 January, 2020 - Austria

9 - 14 April, 2020 - Germany

24 – 30 April, 2020 - Austria

9 - 14 July, 2020 - Germany

24 – 30 July, 2020 - Austria

20 - 26 August, 2020 - Germany



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