Starting from March 2023, artists, thinkers, and activists can rent space at Libken for residencies of one month and more. Center of Libken is a four-story-building formerly used to house GDR-landworkers. It is located at the edge of the village Böckenberg, 1,5 hrs north-east of Berlin. As most similar architectures, the building was threatened by demolition due to vacancy. Since 2014, it was slowly renovated and given a new purpose. Libken has a total of eleven apartments of different sizes, as well as a communal kitchen and two multifunctional rooms suitable for groups, movement, exhibitions and the like. Accessible to all guests are also a public library and the garden with several outdoor working areas. Unfortunately, our flats are not accessible for wheelchair users and people with impaired mobility.

Apartment 1 (room, kitchen, bathroom): 400€ / 265€ each if used by two
Apartment 2 (3 rooms, k+b): 650€ / 400€ each if used by two
Apartment 3 (room, large studio with k+b/ or: 2 rooms, eat-in kitchen, bathroom): 700€ / 425€ each by two

For each additional person we charge 5€/night. / We charge a one-time cleaning fee of 10€ per small and 20€ per large apartment. A studio with wooden floorboards, as well as another large room can be reserved in addition at a price of 10€/person, but at least 40€/day.

Groups of seven or more people can be welcomed to Libken for shorter periods, depending on space availability. Feel free to send us your booking requests to with a callback number. We answer messages once a week.

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26 - 30 April 2023 EDEN***** Studios, Berlin, Germany For theatre, physical theatre and circus actors and directors, dancers and choreographers. What is the advantage of the program?   * Using the world's effective biomechanics practices and the latest experiments in the performing arts, such as animal flow and others; * Deep dive into the process under attentive mentorship of world-class professionals; * In a short time you will be introduced into the world of physicality and movement; we will teach your body to speak and express feelings and emotions without words; * Practice makes perfect * We will not just speak in theory - you will use everything you have learned and improve your professional skills. Details: Online application: Contact:
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Liebe Filmschaffende/Dear Filmmakers,

Mein Name ist Benjamin Meyer und ich bin Komponist/Sounddesigner aus Berlin. Derzeit bin ich in kein größeres Projekt involviert und möchte mich gerne anbieten den Soundtrack für eure Film-Projekte beizusteuern.
My name is Benjamin Meyer and I am a composer/sound-designer based in Berlin. Currently, I am not involved in bigger projects and due to that I would like to offer composing the soundtrack for your movie-projects.

Ich habe bereits an einigen Projekten mitgearbeitet, darunter ein Langspielfilm, sowie Spots und Kurzfilme (einsehbar auf meiner Webseite und in meinem Portfolio). Der Stil meiner Musik ist im großen und ganzen cinematic, also orchestrale und elektronische Hybrid-Kompositionen. Ich bin aber auch offen für andere Genres und Styles.
I did already work on projects like a full-length film, spots and short films (all further informations are on my website and portfolio). The style of my music is mainly cinematic, meaning orchestral and electronic hybrid compositions. Besides that, I am also open for other genres.

Auf der Suche nach origineller Musik für deinen Film, Game, Ensemble oder Event?
Wenn ihr an einer Zusammenarbeit interessiert seit hinterlasst mir doch gerne eine Mail, oder schreibt mir eine Nachricht per WhatsApp.
Ich freue mich auf eure Anfragen :)

Interested in working together?
Are you looking for original music for your film, video game, ensemble or event?
I look forward to collaborating with you!

Phone: +4915737832255

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