Hey folks, I’m currently looking for a new WG, either long term or longish sublet solution ( min 6 months) and I would be super happy if anyone happens to know somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody... who is searching for a new roommate at the moment! In case something crosses your mind, please share with me, I’ll be super grateful for it until forever and a day!! Please contact me via mail: l.haumann@hzt-berlin.de Lots of love Liv
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Hi everyone, I'm a young lighting designer looking for projects where I could do the lighting design for your show. I studied Lighting Design in Hildesheim (HAWK) and Lyon (ENSATT) and had already the chance to work with and accompany Lighting Designers like Emese Csornai, Ben Schälike, André Pronk and Jan Fedinger. Apart from doing assistances I'd like to join projects where I could collaborate and explore with you the possibilities of light for dance or theatre. You'll find more information about me here: vitowalter.com I'd be happy to hear from you! Best, Vito
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The Program of this workshop is highly practical and designed to fully immerse students in learning movement, coaching and actor training. The pace of this one-week workshop is very demanding and students should be prepared to live, eat and breathe movement for the entire duration of the course.

The workshop is a full-time program, designed as a lab with practical sessions, lectures and discussion forums. The workshop offers a stimulating environment in which students are able to develop their movement directing skills, practice, and expertise in a short amount of time. Students may expect to encounter different movement and directing techniques varying from the principles of traditional theatres to modern approaches. Practical sessions are designed to enhance skills as both a movement teacher and movement director.

All students enrolling in the intensive One-Week Movement Directing Workshop should be aware that this is an introductory course. The limitations of a one-week course should be apparent, given that many people spend years studying and perfecting the craft.

Dates available for participation:

22 - 29 November, 2019 - Austria

9 - 14 January, 2020 - Germany

24 - 31 January, 2020 - Austria

9 - 14 April, 2020 - Germany

24 – 30 April, 2020 - Austria

9 - 14 July, 2020 - Germany

24 – 30 July, 2020 - Austria

20 - 26 August, 2020 - Germany

Website: https://www.nipai.org/1-week-movement-directing

Admission: https://www.nipai.org/workshop-online-application-form

Request Info: https://www.nipai.org/request-information

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