Vortrag Stream

Maikon K

Zarabatana: air to concrete

This is the magic arising in you: vocal cords transforming air into sound. A tube of bones resonating the void. Words of power. Spears that the throat throws into the air. The shaman blows the spell. The poisoned dart lodges in the stomach. Lungs are labyrinths. Sound is an enchantment of the air, invisible blade between worlds.
In this lecture, Maikon K will insert an artifact in the bodies of the listeners. A delicate bomb which will spread inside the arteries for an indefinite period of time. A surgery mediated by a screen. Digital Pranayama. Bardo de los muertos. In breathing, contours and certainties are lost. Can we really dissolve? What possibilities does the air give us? Breathing to ignite the fire, to bring down the house, to reanimate the body, to revolve the rubble, to remove the dust from the eyes.

The lectures take place from 6pm – 8pm (CET) in English, via Zoom, and will then be available on this page until the end of march 2021.

Maikon K works across performance, dance and theater with the body and its capacity to change perceptions. He is influenced by a shamanistic worldview, in which the performer expands into different realities through specific body-based techniques such as singing, non-verbal sound-making, dancing, visual signing and ritualized activities.  Maikon K is interests in different states of consciousness, dark humor, the relation between the sacred and the profane, sexuality, the grotesque, the provocation of rituals and the testing of sensibilities. Works include, amongst others: DNA of DAN (2014), Terrarium (2015), The Solar Anus (2017), Cannibal Fog (2018), Ecstasy Machine (2020). See: www.maikonk.com

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