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LOAF | Lonely Organized Arts Festival


The Lonely Organized Arts Festival

The Lonely Organized Arts Festival
We have lost our Festivals many times

but it still is an emergency to come together, take a risk or start a conversation.
Curated by the BAs and MAs of HZT comes  →  LOAF
;an exposure that will take place in the UdK´s lounge Uferstudios, Wedding.
Featuring performances, workshops, recreational activities, grilled goods, art, cold drinks, dance, souvenirs, songs and more.

To be better mammals, we start by standing next to each other. We will cook you dinner.
*Each night, from 17:00 to 21:00 there will be a BAR in Studio 12 (along with the collective exhibition)

ARTISTS: Camila Malenchini, Deva Schubert, Dorota Michalak & Maud Buckenmeyer, Kike Garcia, Evangelia Papadopoulou, Gaia Lindemann, Jazminka Stenz, Jorge de Hoyos, Katrien Van Velden & Veera Kopsala, Kiana Rezvani, Lara Anais & sophie Ketteniss, Marga Alfa, Michela Filzi, Paula Hierzi, Sharon Mercado Nogales, Simone Gisela Weber, Suvi Kemppainen, Veera Kopsala

see also the LOAF website


The Lonely Organized Arts Festival
12. - 14.7.2019 | studio 8, studio 9, studio 10, studio 11, seminar room 2 and courtyard of Uferstudios


Exhibition: Vernissage, Vichyssoise& Finissage
Collective exhibition 
Friday 12th, Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th July | 17:00 - 21:00 |

Dance, Listen, Follow, Feel what YOU want | Paula Hierzi
Saturday 13th July  | 17:00 - 18:30 | Studio 9
Workshop | 120'

Soft Surfing | Kiana Rezvani
Friday 12th, Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th July  | 17:00 - 21:00 | Room in front of the impossible garden
Conversing under the skin, a lucid flow of air in our cells
A one to one experiment  | 20'

Idioglossia | Simone Gisela Weber
Saturday 13th July  | 18:45 | Studio 10
The origin of life lies in the doubling of a cell. What happens when a further doubling takes place in this act of doubling? And another one? A body becomes two, or three or four real bodies.
But this act continues. One body becomes several. In the course of time the body changes, develops identities, the body is a storage place for knowledge, memories and history, the present and the past. A multiple, a hybrid of real and fictional, visible and absent bodies.
Performative Installation  | 120'

Erasmus+ | veera kopsala & Katrien van der Velden
Saturday 13th July | 17:00 | Studio 8
Performance, work in progress | 30'

notes from duet#1 | Kike Garcia Gil
Saturday 13th July  | 18:00 | Studio 11
How to get out of what we know and discover something new together? In this process, a flamenco shawl and me exploring what is invisible for each of us, movements and perceptions not so obvious, not so present. What relationships do we unveil together and separately? I move it, it moves me, something moving us.
Performance | 40'

Open Air | Jorge De Hoyos
Saturday 13th July  | 19:00 | Studio 11
Open Air is about creating something from nothing...manifesting invisible objects, making the air concrete, slipping into and out of the void, and dancing. (English Language)
Solo Performance | 40'

Ophelia in the red island | Sophie Ketteniss and Lara Anais
Saturday 13th July  | 20:00 | Studio 11
40 minutes to collide and re-unite in the gaps and silences of a two dimensional mountain, to hear the voice cursing by your side. Sophie Keteniss and Lara Anais reveal the genessis of symbolic language in a labyrinth where Ophelia´s story is brought to a breathtaking clarity.
Performance | 40'

your lips my lips tulips apocalypse | Suvi Kemppainen and Kiana Rezvani
Saturday 13th July  | 19:00 | Studio 9
Performance  | 30'

bbrrrrchssuiufferffuirfuu | Dorota Michalak and Maud Buckenmeyer
Saturday 13th July  | 21:30  | Studio 11
The work begins with our mutual interest in wind instruments and voice. Hours that we spend improvising together, during night secret sessions in the studio and sessions in nature.  Playing around with the form of concert and performance, we look for the ways to choreograph a situation, engaging sonic, haptic and visual spheres, yet leaving a space for fabulation.
Performance | 20'

Dinner | 20:30 | Kitchen

Veranstaltungsort: Uferstudios | Uferstr. 23 | 13357Berlin