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Liadain Harriott

The Last Ten Yards

Nach zweijähriger künstlerischer und theoretischer Forschung am HZT zeigen die Studierenden des MA Solo/Dance/Authorship zum Ende des Jahres ihre Abschlussarbeiten.

You’re on your way, we’re on our way. Everyone, every day, is on their way. The last ten yards, a figure of speech, an expression, describing the final stretch of a journey. A metaphorical length in time and distance, it can be grueling, often occurring when one is at their most worn out. And what then?

Figuratively speaking, we people, creatures of expression, may be considered as figures of speech, whether or not we utter a word. Whether we’re going or coming, our yards inevitably cross over with those of others and figures of speech interact. The Last Ten Yards, is a place where contemplation, jubilation and lamentation collide. 

Liadain was born in the west on a Wednesday, the fifth of seven cubs. As a child she liked to write stories. Her artistic career began, as a classically trained dancer, in the Cannes Jeune Ballet (then the content you have above)... She supports herself through teaching, dishwashing and writing grant applications. She still has no website although her father has been telling her for years to get one up and running.

Der Eintritt zu den SODA WORKS ist frei.
Studio 14 I Uferstraße 23 I 13357 Berlin

Veranstaltungsort: Uferstudios | Studio 14 | Uferstr. 23 | 13357Berlin