Aufführung Uferstudios
SODA 301 Artistic Research Presentations 2019

Minna Partanen

Strangely Familiar

Strangely Familiaris a collage of encounters with alter egos, synthetically and manually fabricated. In this research presentation, Minna Partanen will visit algorithms, fictional-autobiographies, virtual spaces, ventriloquism and movement to both cling onto and escape our bodies. In her research and practice, she is interested in our behavioural patterns, emotions and production of self-perception. How can something artificial produce authenticity or reveal a dream-like subconsciousness? 

Wednesday, 3.7.2019 | 6pm
Thursday, 4.7.2019 | 8.30pm

A research presentation by Minna Partanen in collaboration with Venla Helenius; Cedric Flazinski; Joseph Wegmann; Dragana Bulut (Mentor), Alice Chauchat (Mentor) and Sandra Noeth (Tutor).

Veranstaltungsort: Uferstudios | Studio 9 | Uferstr. 23 | 13357Berlin