Aufführung Uferstudios
SODA 301 Artistic Research Presentations 2019

Jason Corff

Passed Three

Stemming from recurrent experiences of temporal vertigo, where one becomes aware of being in the right place at the wrong time, Passed Three is an exploration of choreography through the prism of cartographic principle. In this artistic research, deep mapping practices are applied to location in a refraction of agency to determine space, place, and the order of events.  An overlay of simple structures generates a method of performative mapping to mine unexpected points of arrival and reposition their significance.  This practice is a means to challenge the now and the not now in an effort to define the here.

Tuesday, 2.7.2019 | 7.30pm
Friday, 5.7.2019 | 7.30pm

A research presentation by Jason Corff (concept and performance) in collaboration with Liam Byrne (Sound); Effy Grey (Film); Andrew Wass (Mentor); Nik Haffner (Mentor)and Sandra Noeth (Tutor). 

Veranstaltungsort: Uferstudios | Studio 9 | Uferstr. 23 | 13357Berlin