Sandra Umathum/Jan Deck (Ed.)

New dramaturgical thinking & dramaturgical rethinking
Dramaturgy has long since become more and different from dealing with the content, form, and reception of the actions between people, which are recorded in a dramatic text. Artistically aesthetic explorations of the possibilities of theatre, performance or dance as well as changing working methods and production conditions continuously expand the original radius of dramaturgy and dramaturgical practice.
Under the deliberately theatrical term "post-dramaturgies", this book asks where dramaturgy has (or has been) heading, what it is, can be or should be in view of today's artistic and socio-political circumstances, what different dramaturgical approaches can be registered or how the changes mentioned above affect the role, tasks and (self-)understanding of dramaturgs. Postdramaturgies brings together reflections, assessments and search movements of experts from theory and/or practice. The individual contributions are of course as heterogeneous as their subject matter.

Sandra Umathum/Jan Deck (Ed.), 2020
A publication in cooperation with the Landesverband
Professionelle Freie Darstellende Künste Hessen e.V. (laPROF).
Softcover, 372 pages
With 12 colour and 24 b/w images
ISBN: 978-3-95808-142-0