Final Works of MA Solo/Dance/Authorship

Each year at this time, following two years of practice led research at the HZT Berlin, students graduating in MA Solo/Dance/Authorship present their final performance work. These heterogeneous performances present a broad palette of individual body based performance work, which responds to and is driven by questioning dance and choreographic modes for artistic practice within contemporary solo and collaborative processes.

Each new group of students bring their own personal research questions into the frame of the MA SODA program and each year is different from the years before them. This time round the series opens up; questions of gender within the context of drag and queer performance, de-colonial ideas in relation to the personal as political, physics, Butoh and questions of notation, physical and linguistic representation, emergence and potentiality of public participation as well as notions of rave and celebration as an act of community.

22 + 23 November
7 pm I  Nicola van Straaten: i'm haunting you now 
8.30 pm I Olympia Bukkakis : Tales From a State of Shemergency

29 + 30 November
7 pm I SODA1: 
Sneak Preview. Short works from next years emerging artists.
8.30 I Liadain Harriott: 
The Last Ten Yards

7 + 8 December
7 pmI Michiyasu Furutani
: 18
8.30 pm I  Evgenia Chetvertkova : C O
For “C O” a registration in advance is obligatory. Book the appointments here.
14 + 15 December
7 pm I Mmakgosi Kgabi : The Shape of Emotion - language is a shape, music is a shape, it is the shape.
8.30 pm I Mariana Nobre Vieira : Graduation Piece
                                         + Party with DJ marum

Free Admission to SODA WORKS.
Studio 14 I Uferstraße 23 I 13357 Berlin