Sophia New

Artistic Employee MA Solo/Dance/Authorship

Sophia New studied Philosophy and Literature with German at Sussex University (1993- 1997) and has an MA in Feminist Performance from Bristol University (1998). She is a co-founder of plan b with Daniel Belasco Rogers. Since 2002 they have made over 25 projects for different cities, festivals, and galleries. Their work is often site specific and includes performance, GPS, sound and video, dealing with issues around personal data and the everyday. She also has worked as a solo performer and video maker and had grants from Artsadmin, the Anglo German foundation in London and Isis Arts in Newcastle. As freelance performer she has worked with Antonia Baehr, Penelope Wehrli, Petra Sabisch, Gob Squad, and Forced Entertainment. She has taught on performance courses in Gloucester University, Aberystwyth University and Das Arts in Amsterdam, as well as giving a courses on Urban Interventions with Daniel Belasco Rogers at the HafenCity University Hamburg, Udk Summer University and Studium Generale, Leipzig University and Art school and at Bard College Berlin. Since 2009 she has taught Live Art and Performance workshops at Folkwang University for the Acting and Physical Theatre students.

Sophia has been teaching mainly on MA SODA since 2012 but also on the other two courses and developed the Makers Open as a format for all students to show and feedback on work at any stage. Her pedagogical interest is in specifically supporting students in finding ways to express within the work and through supporting statements and documents a synergy between making and reflecting on one's own practice.