Prof. Dr. Sandra Noeth

MA Solo/Dance/Authorship

Prof. Dr. Sandra Noeth has been internationally active as a curator and dramaturge in independent and institutional contexts. As Head of Dramaturgy and Research at Tanzquartier Wien (2009-2014), she developed a series of research and presentation projects on concepts and practices of responsibility, religion, integrity and protest in relation to the body. Sandra specializes in ethical and political perspectives toward body-practice and theory (see Violence of Inscriptions, a project on bodies under structural violence, with A. Zaides, 2016-18, HAU Hebbel am Ufer) and on dramaturgy in body-centered performing arts. She co-edited several books on the topic such as Bodies of Evidence: Ethics, Aesthetics, and Politics of Movement (2018, with G. Ertem, Passagen) or the periodical SCORES (2010-16, with Tanzquartier Wien). Her PhD (2018) deals with the entangled experience of the border and of collectivity in artistic work from Lebanon and Palestine (Resilient Bodies, Residual Effects, forthcoming with transcript in 2019). As an educator, Sandra works, e.g. with DOCH/Stockholm University of the Arts (Senior Lecturer since 2012) and ashkal alwan HWP-program (Resident Professor 2015-16).