Britta Wirthmüller

BA Dance, Context, Choreography (On parental leave)

After her diploma in Dance at the Palucca Schule Dresden she studied from 2006 to 2008 in the MA course “Performance Studies“ at the University of Hamburg. In 2009 she received the Dance Research NRW scholarship for her research project Bodies on the borders of reality. She works as a performer, dancer and choreographer in different collaborations a.o. with Lilo Nein, the artist twin deufert&plischke, the collective Pandora Pop and Petra Zanki. Since 2007 the stage performances “Rekonstruktions_maschine (2007, in cooperation with Lilo Nein) and „Kissing Elisabeth“ (2008) were created. Together with Petra Zanki she developed the choreographic guided city tour “The Silent Walk“ (2010) and the cycle “Antibodies“ with the pieces “Holding on to...“ (2009), “Vierfüßer“ (2010), “Paces“ (2011) and "Stumbling Dance" (2012). 2009 she was a guest teacher at the Institute for Theatre Studies at the University of Leipzig. In 2013 she collaborated with Angelika Thiele and Maria Walser for the choreographic work “Jean Weidt – Physical Encounters“, a physical appropriation of the choreographies of the German expressionist dancer Jean Weidt. From 2011 until 2015 she continuously worked and taught at the HZT Berlin. Since April 2015 she holds a post as an artistic research associate. In her artistic research she deals with the transformation, adaptation and appropriation of movement in choreographic as well as in other artistic practices and processes.