Application Form for HZT Corona Aid

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Dear students and graduates* of the HZT winter semester 19/20,

the current Corona Pandemic has put some of you in a financial emergency through no fault of your own. If you are an enrolled student or graduating HZT in winter semester 19/20, you  can apply for  bridging money ("Coronahilfe HZT") to give you short-term support.  The payment will be made within the scope of incoming donations from members and friends of the HZT. Please read this guide before submitting your application and follow the steps indicated. Only complete documents will be processed:

Complete the application form Coronahilfe HZT Berlin and scan the necessary attachments.

Please enclosure yourcertificate of enrolment, identification document, bank statements from the last three months and documents that clearly show the financial need caused by the Corona pandemic, e.g. cancellation of contracts.

Here (insert link) you will find the application form CoronaAid_HZT to complete.

Please send the completed application and attachments to the following e-mail address. Deadline is 12th July 2020: coronahilfe[at]

The decision on the allocation of funding will be made by a committee  consisting of HZT teachers, staff and student representatives. One-off lump sums will be awarded according to the degree of urgency. The number of approved applications and the amount of the grant will depend upon the amount of the donation. If your application is seccessful, the funding will be transferred to you via the account of the Karl Hofer Gesellschaft at UdK Berlin and will NOT need to be refunded at a future date.

As we expect to receive a large number of applications, we would like to point out that the funding is based on a case-by-case assessment and that there is no legal claim to funding.

Here you will find further recommendations for the financial support of students in emergency situations and the call for donations.

With best wishes
the HZT team