Thesis Stream
maC Final Works

Svea Schneider-Sierra

Weaving In

Between close connection and distance, the performers interweave with the sensory world of plants, trees and forest organisms. Bodies nest in the space, imprint themselves and open up unexpected perspectives again and again. What perceptual spaces does the forest near the city open up? How does it taste? How does it smell? How does it sound?

Weaving in dives into the inter-connection between the natural environment and the human body. How can nature penetrate the body and what does the deep immersion in plant nature do to the human body and its movement? Between forest and city and between the cycles of becoming and passing, Weaving in questions the culture-nature dichotomy and opens up new perspectives on the unconditional coexistence between human and non-human beings. This piece invites you to linger, to feel, to taste, to observe closely and to have an intense encounter with the visible and invisible facets of nature.

A sensorial performance-walk for five dancers, ten spectators and a forest (internal showing).

Follow the digital performance-walk via HZT Berlin (@hzt_berlin)

17.06/ 18.06/ 19.06

Idea, concept & choreography: Svea Schneider-Sierra in in collaboration with the co-operating performers
Performance: Tasha Hess-Neustadt, Laura Kassé, Lorenzo Savino, Sabina Smith-Moreland, Michael Stephenson
Choreographic assistance: Sabina Smith-Moreland
Dramaturgy: Bernadette Binner, Kundry Reif
Costume: Federico Polucci
Scenography: Tina Hübner
Mentoring: Melanie Vraux

Event location: Stream |