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David Lima

Unsere Insel

The final project UNSERE INSEL (Our Island) of HZT student David Lima in the MA Choreography was initially planned as a community dance project with residents of the Mierendorff Island in Berlin-Charlottenburg. Topics such as sustainability and personal connections to public places were to be negotiated. In the course of the Corona pandemic restrictions in spring 2020 the project was moved to the internet - the image of the island took on a whole new meaning.  

Seven people from a neighbourhood, together with an eight-member artistic team, they used video conferences to create individual dance solos that together create a film full of shared moments. How can the actual public space of a neighbourhood be intertwined with virtual, imagined and cinematic spaces? And can the intimate act of dancing in one's own private space in front of a camera represent something particularly connecting in times of physical distance?

As of June 21st the dance film can be streamed on the project website, where also the process of the project with all its material is shared

Also planned is an exhibition on the Mierendorff-Insel, presumably starting in october. Further information will follow.

Participants: Dagmar Eichhorn, Gundi Kälber, Joachim Saint-Paul, Yaara Marx, Frank Markowski, Catarina Marcos, Elisabeth Hirsch
Team: David Lima (Choreographic direction), Sofie Neu (Dramaturgy), João Miguel Ferreira (Editing and Website), Anna Petzer (Sound), Diogo deCalle (Drawings), Magdalena Baader (Costume), Thibaud Leroy und Joanna von Essen (Setting)
Counseling: Joanne Parkes, Susanne Vincenz
Mentoring: Lukas Matthaei
Thanks to: Thirza Marx, Tarik Mustafa, Martin Wittau, Andrea Isermann-Kühn, Frank Markowski, Elisabeth Hirsch, Abdullah Ericek, Gabriella Bertin, Maria Hector and all maC-Kolleg*Innen and -Mitarbeiter*Innen

A production within the Masterprgramm Choreography at the HZT Berlin. Supported by Bundesvereinigung Nachhaltigkeit, DorfwerkStadt e.V. , Pulsraum e.V. an the Deutsche Bühnenverein. David Lima is fellow of the Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian

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