Performance Internes Showing

Javier Blanco and Rocio Marano

maC double bill

Black Ice makes tragedy visible in the reflection on the dystopian. Everything that seems far away reflects our own history. We are slowly understanding that empathy is essential not only for the preservation of our species, but also for everyone else.


The discourse of the Yawn is a choreographic exploration of the affective potential of yawning bodies and the invisible exchange between bodies and their environment - inspired by chasmology, the scientific investigation of yawning, and other mythical narratives.

Double bill with Javier Blanco and Rocio Marano at Uferstudios, Studio 14
General rehearsal 24.6. at 19:00
Premiere 25.06. at 19:00
Showing 26.06. 19:00

All events are internal showings


Black Ice

Directing and choreography: Javier Blanco
Dance and co-creation: Liv Haumann, Auro Orso, Carolina de Vega
Music: original by Jonas Meyer
Concept: Javier Blanco Nunez  
Stage design: Maria Färber, Anastasia Putsykina, Javier Blanco (The EDGE - Kollektiv für multidisziplinäre Kunst)
Costume: Maria Färber, Anastasia Putsykina
Video: Santiago Andres Triana / Royal Observatory of Belgium
Video editing: Javier Blanco
Light design: Mario Avila, Javier Blanco
Supervision: Christiane Berger, Ingo Reulecke
With supoort by SPIN DIGITAL


The discourse of the Yawn

Choreography, stage design, lighting design: Rocio Marano
Dance/Performance: Susanne Grau, Juliana Schreyer
Violin: Juliana Schreyer
Costumes: Lea Kieffer
Technical Director: Max Stelzl
Immense thanks to Anna Aristarkhova, Pauline Payen, Laurianne Daphne Carl, Hanna Kovac, Thomas Proksch

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