Performance Uferstudios
BA First Works

Camilla Lind & Johanne Merke

songs to destroy patriarchy

Johanne Merke and Camilla Lind work with poetry as a tool to evoke stories that challenge the patriarchy in the intersection between choreography, dance, activism and music.

Credits: Nikola Pieper, Amalie Bergstein Nielsen, Oline Marie Andersen, Irma Susanne Von Platten, Quim Bigas Bassart, Suvi Kemppainen, Ida Katinka Fridan Pedersen, Camila Malenchini, Katrine Staub Larsen, Stine Hansen, Sunayana Shetty, Julia Turbahn, Aabshaar Wakhloo, Katerina Delakoura, Ivan Ekemark, Dansatelier, Queer sound production, The Danish National school of Performing Arts, Inter-University Center for Dance Berlin 

Admission is free and tickets are available half an hour before the first show, only a limited number of seats are available. There will be a short break between the individual works, during which there will be the opportunity for refreshments at the bar.

Event location: Uferstudios | Studio 1 | Uferstr. 23 | 13357Berlin