Performance Uferstudios

A child has been beaten

S. Kemppainen & J. Mühle

In A CHILD HAS BEEN BEATEN two bodies accompany each other in submission to an insistent and monstrous path in a shared space of becoming a body that has lost its function.
The work wants to identify masochism as an autonomous phenomena and is looking to explode the binary of submission and dominance by zooming in and finding a molecular level of sensitivities that could exist.

A CHILD HAS BEEN BEATEN is the first stage of Visions of Masochism, an ongoing research series initiated by choreographers Suvi Kemppainen and Josefine Mühle. The research takes space for the phenomena of masochism through questions of domestication, athropocene and fetishization. It will be presented in various formats of presentation and in different environments. The first stage of Visions of Masochism series, A CHILD HAS BEEN BEATEN, will be premiered in the frame of HZT Graduation Works in September 2019 at Uferstudios Berlin.

Concept, choreography, performance, sound, light & video:
Suvi Kemppainen & Josefine Mühle

Technical support: Nikola Pieper, Maximilian Stelzl, HZT

Thank you to guest performers, ex and current lover/s, Meimei


Free Admission, Studio 8, For ticket reservation: visionsofmasochism[at]

Event location: Uferstudios | Uferstr. 23 | 13357Berlin