Thesis HfS Ernst Busch

Jasminka Stenz


People are so strange beings, I often think.

We step into an uncertain room as a guest.giver. Enemy - or friend? In a playful way and the tension distorted into the comical _  
‚REMEMBER WHY‘ researches about the foreign among us and puts the human being in the center. Do we need the foreign in order to meet our self?
It should be noted that the audience may move freely in the room and there will be hardly any seating.

In the last semester of their two-year master's programme, the seven students of the MA Choreography at the HZT Berlin will present their final projects in the Uferstudios and on the stages of the Hochschule für Schauspielkunst Ernst Busch. The international students come from Iran, Finland, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Germany and the USA and everyone brings an own artistic signature and approach. The performances conclude a research and rehearsal period lasting several months, during which the students have dealt intensively with their individual questions and themes.

Choreography & Conzept: Jasminka Stenz
Performance & Dance: Alexander Lieberman, Antonio Savoia, Jade Albasini, Kira Senkpiel, Maud Buckenmeyer
Music: Wizard Ashdod
Live-Singing: Sophie Filip
Szenography: Anne-Laure Jullian de la Fuente
Costume: Hagar Ophir
Light: Bianka Drozdik u.a.
Mental Support: Gesa Wellmann
Mentoring: Diethild Meier 

Admission 10 / reduced 5 Euro
Tickets online and at the box office one hour before the start of the performance.

Event location: HfS Ernst Busch | BÜHNE OBEN | Zinnowitzer Str. 11 | Berlin10115