Performance Uferstudios
LOAF 2019

X-Mas Edition

Lonely Organized Arts Festival

The Lonely Organized Arts Festival is taking over Ufer Studios again with a small and cozy X-mas Secret Festival (shhhh)

LOAF X-Mas Edition '19

Count me in. 
Random collection of specific pieces, persons and bodies. 18 responses to 2 videos, crucsial to our artistic careers (not really).
Come and see how we arrived here. 

Touching Landscapes
Touching Landscapes is a social choreographic project of collaborative creation exploring artistic desires, negotiation, and the transition from language to touch. It focuses on the group process and artistic game-like methods to address the topic of consent.

Cala a boca. Beija só. 
With love xoxo 

We move forward
...with Lucrecia to share one’s appreciation of beauty alluding through paralinguistic senses. To revel that words are timeless. To stand by one’s faith during storm so to love after it is finished. 

We are neither fixed here nor there, nor in a simple embodiment.
We are upgrading to a non-established form of presence to provide the potential for a change in the dominant narrative of reality…

sad furniture
**** Work in progress

What is it?
it's all about time. timing's texture, weight and shape. composing a process of weaving waves. waves that don't want to be composed. that bother to be touched. exploring different aspects about time and spatiality. waves of working. unworking. weaved in the making. working with decisions and making process. occupation of dimensions.
- an intuitive process -

The Commentator's Curse
Saying & Doing.

The Lonely Organized Arts Festival - X-Mas Edition '19
14. & 15.12.2019 

Count me in.
Ongoing exhibition of the BA1 Students
14. & 15.12.2019, 16:30 - 21:00, Studio 9


Touching Landscapes
Residency presentation with Antoine Carle, Am Ertl, Camille Käse and Colemxn Pester
14.12.2019, 16:30, Studio 10

Foto exhibition opening toast & Radio programme
14.12.2019, 18:00, Student room 

Cala a boca. Beija só.
Performance by Marga Alfeirao and Miguel Witzke Pereira
14.12.2019, 19:00, Studio 11

Experimental elektronic music with Maud and Marin
14.12.2019, 19:45, Studio 11

We move forward
Show with Lucrecia
14.12.2019, 20:30, Studio 11

Work in progress with Kiana Rezvani and Roham Amirifar
14.12.2019, 21:15, Studio 10

Toxic Toxicity
Performance with Camille Käse, Duncan Routh, Kike Garcia, Marga Alfeirao, Paul A Hierzi, Camila Malenchini, Joma Richter and Sharon Mercado Nogales 
14.12.2019, 21:45, Studio 11

-- SUNDAY --

sad furniture
Performance by Camila Malenchini, Duncan Routh and Marga Alfeirao
15.12.2019, 18:00, Studio 11

What is it?
Performance/Installation by Joma Richter and Emma Kucharzik
15.12.2019, 18:30, Studio 10

The Commentator's Curse
Performance with Anastasiia Ashman, Therese Bendjus and Emeka Ene
15.12.2019, 19:00, Studio 11

Toxic Toxicity
Performance with Camille Käse, Duncan Routh, Kike Garcia, Marga Alfeirao, Paul A Hierzi, Camila Malenchini, Joma Richter and Sharon Mercado Nogales 
15.12.2019, 19:30, Studio 11

Admission free

Event location: Uferstudios | Uferstr. 23 | 13357Berlin