Thesis Uferstudios


Jorge De Hoyos

My spirit desired a body, so it chose me.

It wants to go fast, fly off cliffs, teleport through rock, explode into flames, shapeshift... Me too, but I get afraid to crash, fall, disappear, burn, deform... “Don’t think so much! Accelerate,” insists my spirit. “But don’t we at least need to set a pathway, a structure or something traceable so someone can find the body?”

On Thursday, 5.11.2019, an After Talk will follow the performance.

A dance performance by Jorge De Hoyos in collaboration with Ingrid Müller-Farny (Mentorship), Ahmed El Gendy (Dramaturgy), Zam Johnson (Music), Alessandro Ubirajara (Visual and Performance Art Research), Sandra Noeth (Tutor), and special thanks to Rhys Martin and musicians Raquel da Silva Freitas and Icaro Kai Mello.
Photo by Alessandro Ubirajara

Free Admission, please reserve your ticket: tickets[at]

Event location: Uferstudios | Uferstr. 23 | 13357Berlin