Thesis Uferstudios


Jorge De Hoyos

My spirit desired a body, so it chose me.
It wants to go fast, fly off cliffs, teleport through rock, explode into flames, shapeshift... Me too, but I get afraid to crash, fall, disappear, burn, deform... “Don’t think so much! Accelerate,” insists my spirit. “But don’t we at least need to set a pathway, a structure or something traceable so someone can find the body?”
The slogan for this dancing is “Think less. Feel More. Keep Dancing.” It’s aim: stay grounded in the senses, responsive to the physical situation—the moment. The question: what kind of choreography can delight a desirous spirit?

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A dance performance by Jorge De Hoyos in collaboration with Ingrid Müller-Farny (Mentorship), Alessandro Ubirajara (Visuals), Zohar Cohen (Sound), and Sandra Noeth (Tutor).

Event location: Uferstudios | Uferstr. 23 | 13357Berlin