Thesis Stream

Michela Filzi

In someone else's shoes, metabolic encounters

In the year of the Pandemic, the enjoyment of attending live art is - partially or even totally - delegated to technical devices. At shows are present fewer bodies than cameras, cables, and screens. Between smartphones and footwear, our bodily relationship to technology is a compass to contemporary life.

Together with her collaborators, Michela Filzi explores the affective powers of these relationships, and the agency of things in participatory art practices today. In the format of a (virtual) studio visit, through a precarious assembly of unstable media, she invites things belonging to her audience to join a dynamic ecology.

In someone else's shoes incites intimate encounters in a tangled web of bodies, interlacing the strange with the familiar.

5 & 7 pm, Live Stream via Vimeo:
9.30 pm, Live Talk via Zoom:
Meeting-ID: 846 2576 0067
Kenncode: 420387

A Letter to the Audience

Performative installation with and by Michela Filzi in collaboration with Matteo de Santis (Sound), Samuel von Düffel (Materialities).
With the support of Pedro Matias (mentor and dramaturgical advice), stefan pente (mentor), and Janez Janša (tutor).
Special thanks to: Sandra Noeth, Sophia New, Eva Meyer-Keller, Hermann Heisig, siegmar zacharias, Beatrix Joyce, Lea Pischke, all fellow students, and staff members at HZT, friends, and family. Thanks to the streaming team and the technical team at HZT!
Project supported by the Studienabschluss-Stipendium für internationale Studierende at UdK

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