Performance Badstraße

Site Specific Performance

I want you to look at _________.

I look very very close, and then I imagine I’m very very far. In order for the possibilities to unravel, I ideate that the world unfolds to me in different ways. 
I don’t pretend I’m an archeologist and I don’t dig deep. I do not even have to remove many layers to see what is actually here. 
My body is a vehicle propelled by curiosity, and with it I decode urban infrastructures. I reconnect them as I wish.
I contain all the details that surround me in the space of my body. Details are the motions and textures, compositions, and sensations. I contain and then I share.
I play with what is already there.

I dig I see I talk I fit I look I imagine I decode I reconnect I contain I share I play. I play.

July 3rd, 2021 // 6 pm
Meeting at HZT or Starting on the Badstrasse across the HZT on the sidewalk and metal railing facing the Panke.

By and with: Nuria Carrillo Erra, Hana Stojakovic, Sophia Obermeyer. Safete Muchave, Lucas Godoi Sene, Altınay Kapsız. Mahshad Rezai

Mentoring and choreographic support: Judith Sánchez Ruíz und Gregory Livingston 

The performanace "I want you to look at _________.“ has been created in the frame of the/a site specific seminar at HZT, led by Judith Sánchez Ruíz und/and Gregory Livingston, and in collaboration with Eva-Maria Hoerster and Judith Brückmann.

Event location: Badstraße |