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Elizabeth A. Povinelli

Heritability and the Ancestral Present

This talk presents a series of parallel moments in the ancestral present of two clans in order to probe the relationship between Indigeneity and white nativism in the context of settler colonialism. It approaches a turn in the politics of difference by tracking how two sets of clans have moved through historical forms of the ancestral present, namely, changing imaginaries of social form, time, and heritability; and how these imaginaries emerge from and materially sediment into human bodies and the more-than-human world. The clans are, on the one hand, the Simonaz clan, patronym, Povinelli, and Bartolot clan, patronym, Ambrosi from Carisolo, Trentino; and, on the other hand, the totemic clans of the Karrabing that stretch along the coastal region of Anson Bay, Northern Territory, Australia. Each set has been absorbed into monarchical empires and liberal nationalisms; each has moved through forms of settler colonialism and white nativism. Neither are reducible to a national form, but nor are their relations to settler colonialism the same. Thus both continue my interest in the dynamics between colonialism and liberal governance—how the European conquest of the western Atlantic and Pacific continues to transform modes of liberal governance long after the first colonial fleets disgorged their armies, explorers, and settlers.

The recording of the lecture can be found here (Un)settled. Performance, protection, and politics of insecurity

The online lecture series (Un)settled. Performance, protection, and politics of insecurity of HTA (Hessian Theatre Academy) in winter term 2021/22 takes place in cooperation with the Institute for Applied Theater Studies, JLU Giessen; the HZT – Inter-University Center for Dance, Berlin; the Art Academy Düsseldorf, and the Künstlerhaus Mousonturm.

Elizabeth A. Povinelli is a critical theorist and filmmaker. Her critical writing has focused on developing a critical theory of late settler liberalism that would support an anthropology of the otherwise. This potential theory has unfolded across five books, numerous essays, and thirty-five years of collaboration with her indigenous colleagues in north Australia including, most recently, six films they have created as members of the Karrabing Film Collective. Her recent books Geontologies: A Requiem to Late Liberalism was the 2017 recipient of the Lionel Trilling Book Award and The Cunning of Recognition was a Art Forum Best Book of the Year.

This edition of the HTA lecture series is connected to Bodies, un-protected, the International Program on Bodies, Art and Protection at Künstlerhaus Mousonturm, running from October 2021 till July 2022 (see:
Organisers: Prof. Dr. Bojana Kunst, Institute for Applied Theater Studies, JLU Giessen; Prof. Dr. Sandra Noeth, HZT-Inter-University Center for Dance, Berlin; Prof. Dr. Francesca Raimondi, Art Academy Düsseldorf, Anna Wagner, Künstlerhaus Mousonturm, Frankfurt a.M.

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