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Claire C.


WILD is a word that has been used and misused for centuries. It brings up colonial associations of the “savage”, the “frontier” as well as the “untameable woman”. It reeks of both the civilising project of modernity and romantic eurocentric projections onto land and body. But could we possibly craft new meanings for this word? Taking these associations into consideration, this work attempts to return to a state of simplicity that inevitably opens up a web of complexity, as we contemplate and reconsider what “wildness” could feel like today.

The artistic research and choreographic process was essentially an embodied one that was developed with and within the Wandlitz Forest. Through a prolonged period of immersion, we acquainted our bodies with the technologies of soil, of rotting leaves, of damp and cold, of tree roots and insects - opening ourselves to a different understanding of time and space. Through a rigorous practice of listening, witnessing and maintaining a meditative state of embodied experience, we followed a red thread that enabled us to go beyond our conceptions of “wild” and arrive at a place where ideas and action meet in the perennial state of becoming.

It is no small task, languaging this sacred act of ritual through performance, this meeting place of the body, the earth and technologies (both ancient and new). The work gently invites both the viewer and performer to feel into the doing and undoing of a choreography that is composed of presence. Dance of silence. Dance of being and observing.

Note: all plant materials invited to participate in this work will be returned to their original locations.

Stream available 30.1. - 8.2.2021 on Vimeo:

Choreography by Clara Federica Crescini developed with
Antonio Savoia, Alessandra Sparano and Sara Paternesi /dance and research
Michela Filzi and Nicola van Straaten/dramaturgy
Mariana Varela /stage
Emilia Patrignani /costume
David Szubiak /light
Samaquias Lorta /music
Sigal Zouk and Jan Burkhardt /artistic mentors
Wanda Golonka and Susanne Vincenz /academic support
Filippo Michelangelo Ceredi / video, editing, archive
Ludger Storcks /photography
Holytropic team / video making
Andreas Harder/ technical director
Raven Grace Janicello/early music development

A special thanks to maC colleagues, maC professors.
Another special thanks to the whole HZT and the whole HfS Ernst Busch.
Thanks to all my family, friends and colleagues who have supported me all these years, before and after university, and continue to do so.

With the friendly support of HZT Berlin, HfS, a DeutschlandStipendium, PROMOS DAAD, of the Deutscher Bühnenverein Landesverband Berlin and
promoted by MIBACT Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism -
General Directorate for Performing Arts and GAI Association for the Circuit of the
Young Italian Artists together with TPP Puglia Public Theater - Apulia Region and
GA/ER Association Young Italian Artists of Emilia-Romagna

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