Performance Uferstudios

Rhyannon Styles

Experiential States

This research presentation aims to unite performer, musician and spectator, using sonic frequencies created by gongs and guitars, that mix distortion, meditation and movement to expand and transcend experiential states. Similar to gong master Don Conreaux’s ‘transvolution’, in which consciousness quantum leaps through the time/space continuum, using the vibrations of sound, to leave behind our limited parameters and explore a realm beyond the physical. Rhyannon shares her exploration into the spectrum of sound, probing the potential of ascension, using her transitional body as a space and practice for an intimate enquiry. 

Monday, 1.7.2019 | 8pm
Saturday, 6.7.2019 | 6pm

Credits: In collaboration with Frida Mohres. Mentoring from Ian Kaler, Renee Coulombe & Siegmar Zacharias, tutoring from Sophia New.

Event location: Uferstudios | Studio 8 | Uferstr. 23 | 13357Berlin