Thesis Stream
maC Final Works

Akemi Nagao

Diamond - The Crossing Point of Money and Spirituality

Money is a tool for exchanging, a power, a belief, a game, a drug and a symbol of capitalism.
Spirituality is you, your existence. 

I don’t believe in the capitalistic way of working, living, acting or loving. I mean something like rushing, high speed, no breaks, non stop, always just more and more.
I need a break. I need rest. I need time to think and to be confused. I need to stop. I need to slow down. I need empty space and time. I need to think with my body. I need to dance.

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Meeting-ID: 922 7381 3531
Kenncode: 637322

Video online 03.-16.06.21 on Vimeo:

A dance video by: Nagao Akemi, Lyllie Rouvière, Max Lindemann, Federico Polucci, Segawa Tetsumi, Michael Tuttle and Yassu Yabara.

Direction, choreography, camera, video editing: Nagao Akemi
Co-choreography, dance, voice: Lyllie Rouvière
Costume: Federico Polucci
Composition, video post production: Michael Tuttle
Space: Yassu Yabara
Dramaturgy: Max Lindemann
Co-research: Segawa Tetsumi
Camera: Noam Gorbat
Technical director: Andreas Harder
Technical Support: Ingmar Steinfurth, Knut Polster und Michael Rautenberg
Adviser: Wanda Golonka, Christiane Berger
Mentor: Meg Stuart, Isabel Robson, Melanie Jame Wolf
Photo: Elma Riza
Kind support by Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes and Deutscher Bühnenverein/Landesverband Berlin

Special Thanks to
Zahava Rodrigo, Sabrina Huth, Rocio Marano, Eli Cornejo, Seigaku, Claire - Clara Federica Crescini, Maximilian Stelzl, Ingo Reulecke, Susanne Vincenz, Maxie Schreiner, Karsten Dirk Gloger, Hjördis Osterburg, Britta Geister, Uta Witte, Gisle Martens Meyer, Moki, Spiel & Objekt, all staff of HfS Ernst Busch, HZT, and family and friends.

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