Thesis Stream
maC Final Works

Jadi Carboni

Dancing my Hero - Rebellen des Friedens

The Heroine dances, my body speaks. My hero, my body, who keeps me alive, unique, and yet part of a whole life cycle. It is an offer to rediscover the inner strength and interconnection of our lives, even when deprived of the possibility of real physical contact. A journey through six interwoven solos, inspired by the sense of gratitude towards life, towards one's body, understood as a continuum of mind-body-spirit, in an infinite cycle of transformation and renewal.

Premiere: 14.07.2020, 20:00 pm

Choreography and Concept: Jadi Carboni

Camera and Cut: Lea Bethke, Jadi Carboni
Composition: Anna Petzer
Music: Turi Agostino
Dramaturgy: Susanne Gruber
Stage Design: Jakob Blazejczak
Performance, Text, Voices: Lisa Zunftmeister,  Edith B. Pedersen, Jadi Carboni, Anna Petzer,  Katharina Rustler, Susanne Gruber, Jakob Blazejczak
Text: Emma Goldman, LuZ.

Many thanks to: Ingo Reulecke, Christiane Berger, Isabelle Schad, Christopher Williams

With the friendly support of Deutscher Bühnenverein/Landesverband Berlin.

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