Lecture Uferstudios

Paz Rojo

Dancing its do

In this lecture and seminar, I will discuss the use of scores with a particular focus in dance as the matter-movement of the not-yet. How to commit to the future (what is not yet)? In movement there is nothing to pursue since what one follows responds to a potentiality that is contained already in the present. What is at stake here is a kinetics that lacks perspective. Or a dis-scoring. A way of working with scores, whose main function remains, however, indeterminate. Untraceable. Forgetful. Almost non-documentable. And yet, equivalent to the incorporation of a knowledge, which does not imply a desired end, but rather the opportunity to question, forget and transform the purpose or end to which it is directed at. Let’s say that the moving body could ignore the purposes which it is supposed to serve, demonstrating the potentiality of its function: the body is a living instrument, which although it is more or less obliged to be aware of what it must serve, chooses, however, to serve itself. 

Paz Rojo (Madrid 1974). Choreographer and dancer who is currently a phd candidate at Stockholm University of the Arts, Stockholm (Sweden) with the research project "the decline of choreography and its movement: the subaltern pathway". Investigation in which she seeks for a dance’s mode of subjectivation outside the performance value situated in the current dynamics of immaterial labor and neoliberal logics. With a broad trajectory and linked to various institutions, self-organized contexts, exhibition frameworks, educational programs and independent initiatives in Europe and Latin America, this research includes the solo creation "whatever moving like this" (2011); the collective performance experiments "Inaugural Action" (2011), “The Gerries by Gerry” (2012); the video-essay "DANCISMO" (2014); the essay “what are we talking about when we talk about dancing through a destituent plane of perception? and the performance ECLIPSE : MUNDO (2018). Artistic director of the festival "What can a body do?" (La Casa Encendida, Madrid 2014-2015). She initiates and facilitates the collective research contexts: "ASSIM NÃO, PERO CÓMO?", (LOTE, Sao Paulo, 2017); "[CAMPO # 1] choreographing dissidence" (Teatro Pradillo, Madrid 2014); "What if we let go of being (artists)?" (La Casa Encendida, Madrid 2013); "A piece ... together?" (Barcelona, Sao Paulo, Vienna 2010-2011) and the itinerant laboratory "choreography: a problem to practice" (Madrid, Barcelona,​Sao Paulo, Vienna, Amsterdam, Istanbul, Brussels, Moscow, Stockholm and Mexico City 2011-2017).

Curated by Prof. Sandra Noeth (MA SODA) 

The lecture series takes place in english, it is organized by the MA-program SODA (Solo/Dance/Authorship) at the Inter-University-Center for Dance Berlin (HZT); it is free of charge and open for all interested. 

Event location: Uferstudios | Studio 11 | Uferstr. 23 | 13357Berlin