Thesis Uferstudios

Kaisa Nieminen

Come rain, come shine

Taking back our bodies power. Transformation through movement, voice, text and imagination. We create an emotional landscape, an choreographic concert, a dramatic bodily fantasy. Inspired from feminist poetry, rap and finnish mythological witch Louhi.

In the last semester of their two-year master's programme, the seven students of the MA Choreography at the HZT Berlin will present their final projects in the Uferstudios and on the stages of the Hochschule für Schauspielkunst Ernst Busch. The international students come from Iran, Finland, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Germany and the USA and everyone brings an own artistic signature and approach. The performances conclude a research and rehearsal period lasting several months, during which the students have dealt intensively with their individual questions and themes.

Performance: Suvi Kemppainen, Kaisa Nieminen, Vanessa Virta
Light Design: Jochen Haker
Choreography: Kaisa Nieminen
Sounddesign: Victor Tricard 
Mentoring: Lee Meir

Entrance: 4 Euros
Tickets at the box office, no reservation possible

Event location: Uferstudios | Studio 14 | Uferstr. 23 | 13357Berlin