Special Neuwerder/Havelland

MA Choreography

Choreographic Interventions in the rural area

Seven choreographers use their artistic means to explore village life and Neuwerder's surroundings in the footsteps of Fontane. In his highly civilized world, the body has always been a troublemaker whose desires are contagious and must be kept in check by various regulations. Based on a movement research and in collaboration with composers of the Institute for New Music Berlin, the students of the choreography develop site-specific sketches between barns, gardens, stables and meadows.

Neuwerder/Havelland at June 30th at 3pm. 

A collaborazion of MA Choreography at HZT Berlin with LAND(SCHAFFT)KUNST Biennale

With: Jadie Carboni, Claire Crescini, David Lima, Saida Makhmudzade, Alica Minárová, Akemi Nagao, Evangelia Papadopoulou and composers of klangzeitraum Berlin

duration: around 70 mins.

Event location: Neuwerder/Havelland |